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There are times in our lives when private matters are no longer private — and divorce can be one of those times. However, an attorney who understands your desire for an efficient uncontested divorce can help you keep many aspects of your private life private. You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can come to your own agreements about how to distribute assets with the assistance of a lawyer who has a firm grasp of your objectives.

Frankfort Child Custody Attorney 

If divorce looms ahead as a reality in your life, you do not need lectures or unnecessary hassles. You need understanding and help. Talk to a knowledgeable Kentucky lawyer at W. Matthew Wade, PLLC, in Shelbyville to learn how to accomplish what needs to happen regarding your divorce. Keep legal costs down and anxiety in check over financial and legal aspects of divorce such as:

  • Property division: Who will keep the marital home? How will bank accounts, vehicles, investments, retirement accounts and home furnishings be divided?
  • Spousal maintenance: Is alimony appropriate in your marital dissolution? You may agree to forego alimony in exchange for keeping the marital home or leaving your retirement accounts undisturbed.
  • Child custody: What type of living arrangement will best serve the children’s best interests while preserving parental bonds and protecting parental rights?
  • Child support: Is there reason in your case to modify the state guidelines for determining child support?

Uncontested Divorce in Kentucky 

A marriage license is relatively inexpensive and a couple can marry very soon after obtaining it. Likewise, a truly uncontested divorce can and should be a quick and easy process, with only one required court appearance to testify and hear the final decree. W. Matthew Wade, PLLC, has helped many Kentucky residents accomplish an uncontested divorce with a minimal amount of hassle. Contact Shelbyville divorce attorney W. Michael Wade to schedule a consultation and resolve your divorce in a fair and timely manner.

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