Shelbyville Probate Lawyer

It is said that the two issues none of us can avoid are death and taxes. Death is not only a very personal and emotional loss to a family; it is also a legal and financial challenge. Whether you are interested in preparing wills and trusts in recognition of your own mortality or need help settling the estate of a deceased mother, father, husband or wife in Kentucky, contact an attorney who will help you address the situation with confidence and reassurance.


Shelbyville probate attorney W. Matthew Wade offers family members thoughtful and timely advice and assistance through the probate process. If you are in need of a knowledgeable and a practical-minded Kentucky lawyer to guide your loved one’s estate through probate and allow for a prompt distribution of assets, contact W. Matthew Wade, PLLC.

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Crafting enforceable wills and trusts is a fundamental aspect of an overall financial plan. Preparation for the time when your assets will pass on for the next generation is best accomplished while you are young and healthy and can consider your ultimate financial goals objectively. At any stage of life, including the onset of medical challenges in later years, reviewing your wills, trusts and powers of attorney is a responsible thing to do.

Powers of Attorney

For your own peace of mind as well as for the protection of your assets and loved ones, craft the testamentary documents that you need to cover your bases:

  • A will, properly signed and notarized
  • Trusts that can keep some assets out of probate
  • Powers of attorney
  • Financial power of attorney
  • Health care directive (living will)

Well-thought-out wills, trusts and powers of attorney help families deal effectively with legal matters after a death at a time of sadness. Your will, well constructed, may prevent your children from battling over your assets after your death — a scenario that no parent wants to contemplate.

Will Contests, Estate Litigation

Sometimes, however, conflicts over an estate develop despite the deceased person’s best efforts to avoid them. W. Matthew Wade, PLLC, offers counsel and representation in will contests and other types of estate litigation. Mr. Wade understands your need to minimize legal costs and preserve assets despite a conflict over a will or other aspects of an estate.

After a Change in Family Circumstances, Ask an Attorney to Review Your Will

After a marriage, the birth or adoption of a child, a death in the family or a divorce, it behooves you to review your will. Make sure that your will makes sense now that you have a husband or wife — or now that you are single again. Estate planning and family law attorney W. Michael Wade in Shelbyville is prepared to help you revise your estate documents cost-effectively yet thoroughly. Contact the law firm to schedule a consultation.